Photo Credits

As a writer, I take copyright seriously. The photos and graphics you find on my posts and pages are either my own, purchased, or used with permission from the artist. Snagging pics off the internet is not okay unless their owners have specifically said they are free for the taking. Every time I see someone ‘credit’ a photo by saying “Photo courtesy of Google images” I break out in a rash. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Stealing is stealing, and it’s never all right. You wouldn’t think it was just dandy to go into a store and swipe a shirt, just as long as you slapped a label on it that said, “Shirt courtesy of Kohl’s.” Of course not. Taking images you didn’t create, pay for, or use with the express permission of the artist who created them is just like wearing that shirt. No. Just no.

If you don’t see a photo credit, the image is mine–either my work, something I purchased, or is being used with permission from an artist who chose not to be named. If it is not mine, I will tell you where it came from. It will never be stolen. Simple.

Some of the images may be available for purchase from a few of my favorite artists. Please check back here for links to their work.


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