Meditation, Part Two: Finding Answers to Your Questions

June 17, 2016


Meditation is wonderful for calming overwhelm and settling our nervous systems. It’s also a fabulous way to find answers to any questions or issues we’re wrestling with.

I believe we all know the right thing to do. All the time, in every situation. Knowing what’s right, wanting to do that right thing, and actually doing it are three separate things, of course. Still, deep down, we always at least know.

There are times when we allow ourselves to become muddled and at the surface, we might struggle for answers. What should I do? I believe this happens for one of two reasons. It might be that we’ve taken in information contrary to what our gut knows and given it fake credibility. We’ve knitted it into a thick scarf and wrapped it around the Voice Within until that voice’s whispers are no longer heard. The other possibility is that we simply don’t want to do what we know we should, so we consider lesser, but more palatable options. If it’s the second, there’s really only one good choice and I don’t have to tell you what that is. The previous possibility, though, is primed and ready for a magical meditative solution.

Should I take that job? Marry him? Leave her? Tell her what I saw? Cut ties? Dip into savings? Agree? Stand my ground? Proceed? Back up? Make the move? Reconnect? Take the not-so-subtle hint? Push a little harder? Back away? Try again?

Sometimes the answer is yes. Sometimes not. And either way, we know what it is. If we can’t see the answer, we need only to to strip away all the crud that covers it—to unravel that scarf—and the way to do that is to calm and quiet ourselves, set our intention (introduce our question) for the session, and wait. There’s no need to restate or dwell on the question. Doing so just adds to the chatter we hope to move past, so bring it into your meditation and then let it go. Simply quiet, ask, and wait. The answer will come. It absolutely will. And when it does, we think of course. What was cloudy becomes clear and no question remains. We know. We realize we always knew. Like Dorothy in her sparkly red shoes, everything we’re looking for has been with us all along. Oh, and don’t be surprised if you find clarity on more than just what you came for. Our concerns are often connected and when we settle one, others often go along for the ride. Win-win.

To set an intention is an enormously powerful act. It’s a directive to our true, divine self to show us the heart of the thing. It’s a confirmation of the truth of who we really are. We are certainly not our jobs or our stuff. We are not our bodies or our earthly preferences. We are spirit, and spirit is pure truth and love—nothing less. We are nothing less.

Sitting in meditation with the intention to see the truth is a gift we give ourselves. And if, when our answer becomes clear to us, we honor and act upon it, it becomes a gift to the whole world.


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    Love this. Such simple truths!

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      Thank you, Jul. And thank you, too, for always making the time to come by to read and comment. You really are a sweetheart!

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    Malcolm Campbell

    I’m enjoying your new blog. Love this post.

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      Thanks so much, Malcolm! I love that you’ve been stopping by to read and comment. 🙂

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      Thank you. And thanks so much for coming by to read and comment!!!

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    Tammy Minnis

    I’m a think things all the way through and big picture kind of woman.

    My brain is hard wired to constantly go off. I’ve learned to embrace it. I think I could benefit from meditation but like I’ve said in your earlier blog. I really just fail at it in the traditional sense.

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      You know yourself better than anyone. What works for you works for you!

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