Little Moments

July 26, 2016

I was sorting through a box of old photos a few days ago and realized something. Without exception, none of the moments that have stirred me most have been captured on film. My guess is it’s the same for you.

There were some wonderful pictures in there. People I love and places I’ve been. The majority made me smile and a few made me sigh, yet they couldn’t compare to the incredible group of files I have in my head.

In the photo above, my husband and I were about to leave for a wedding. I like that shot. Neither of us has our eyes closed and we were all dressed up. Pretty good. The best moment of that night, though, had nothing to do with us, nor was it about the bride and groom. When everyone was seated for dinner, the groom stood to speak. He said during their reception, each time guests clinked their glasses as a cue for the newlyweds to kiss, they were instead going to point to a couple in the crowd, and they were to kiss. The first couple shared a passionate kiss. The second a quick peck. The third time, a man dipped his wife and planted a Hollywood-worthy kiss after he brought her to her feet. At the next clinking of guests’ glasses, the groom pointed to his grandparents. They stood. His grandfather took his wife’s face in his gnarled hands and put his lips on her forehead. They stayed there for several seconds and the love they so clearly shared filled every person in the room. I’m not sure if the photographer captured that moment, but I assure you everyone in attendance took it home with them.

When asked what they’d try to grab if their house was burning down, family photos are at the top of most people’s lists. It’s odd, really, that we treasure inky slips of paper when the moments that fill us with emotion are always available and rarely catalogued in albums. Stop for a second and bring to mind the memory of a moment when you felt truly cherished. Now one that made spontaneous laughter bubble up. Finally, one that broke your heart. If you were to flip through your photo albums, would you find any of those?

Candid shots have a better chance of capturing emotion-filled moments than the “Say cheese!” ones, but if you multiply the 86,400 seconds in every day by the many days of our lives, the chance of getting the most potent seconds on film is slim to none.

Our most joyful (and painful) moments often happen when we aren’t expecting anything to touch us in a lasting way. Yes, there are certainly times when we expect to be happy or sad, but even during those times (weddings, births, celebrations, vacations, hospital visits, funerals) it’s never the whole of the experience that stays with us. It’s the moments, and many of those happen outside the above events. You know the ones. Your baby recognizes you and lights up. Her toddler self tumbles from the sofa and your heart stops. A photo of her, decades later, holding her own daughter makes you smile, but the memory of the moment you entered her hospital room after your granddaughter was born and your little girl met your eyes with the knowing of a mother—well, that moment will forever own a piece of your heart.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” — Ferris Bueller

Don’t miss it.


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    The pictures that my sister’s and I hold in our minds of our brother growing up and exceptionally priceless because they are all special to each of us in their own way. So many that could have never been captured because reality was so much better than what would have shown up on film.
    We just have to remember to hold our memories close and never forget to tell someone that you love them. Always and forever.

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      That’s exactly it, Deb. And now, with your brother’s time here coming to an end, I’m sure all those memories feel enormously intense. Lots of love to you and yours. ♥

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    This was the lesson I had the hardest time teaching the kids, that you do NOT need to spend the day hauling a camera along, nor do you have to spend all that time getting in a “pose” for a picture. I have every single moment tucked safely away in my mind and my heart <3 those are my best moments bar none! Love this one lady 🙂

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      Thank you, Jul. Photos are nice, but it’s all but impossible to be really in the moment when we’re busy saving it to film.

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    Malcolm Campbell

    Those memories! Usually, nobody was there with a camera.

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      Sometimes that’s a good thing. 😛

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    Tammy Minnis

    I would just like to have a picture of me where I don’t look like a haggard mess.

    Love this post. The birth of my son was the most joyous mental snap shot. The first time he screamed bloody murder when he was a toddler (multiple wasp stings) was the first truly horrifying. Both are emotional snap shots that I will never forget along with a ton more that mostly has to do with my kiddo.

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      Ha! I almost never like pics of myself. Crazy hair is practically a given. And nine times out of ten, my eyes are either closed, mostly closed, or as happens a lot, one more closed than the other and I look like I’ve been drinking.

      Multiple wasp stings? You must have been freaking out! :O

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        Tammy Minnis

        I felt like my insides where being ripped apart hearing him scream like that. I was terrified for him.

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