I believe we are all born wise. Often, much of what we know to be true gets overwritten, however. In the process of living, we too often replace what we know with what we’re told. Even though much of this information doesn’t feel right to us, if it gets repeated frequently enough, we begin to accept it. Weeks and months and years of misinformation later, we might sometimes find it hard to discern what we truly know from what masquerades as reality.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Our inborn wisdom remains. It, like us, is eternal. Accessing that wisdom requires nothing more than quieting the chatter and settling deep into silence. There lie the answers. All the answers. Every. Single. One.

On this site, I hope to explore what it is to experience this life from the perspective of inner truth and knowing. To strip away the stuff and look at what’s underneath and inside. Who we really are. I hope you’ll join in, and not just as a reader and observer. We’re in this together and it will be infinitely more interesting and fun if you are an active participant. Please share your ideas, your stories, and your wisdom.


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