8 Things You May Have Forgotten About Yourself

October 2, 2016

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You are eternal. The real you—the spirit that is you—existed before you inhabited your earthly body and will continue after you’re done experiencing life in that body. How freeing! Our approach to life would likely be far more limited if we subscribed to the false notion that the experiences we have between what we call birth and death are all that we are.

You are enormously powerful. What is the essence of what you truly want? Happiness? Love? Abundance? The sense that you are living in tune with the music in your heart? You absolutely can have those things. It is not for us to fret the details, but we do need to get clear on what it is we really want. Once we do, we need only to take inspired action. To be clear, inspired action is not the same as hard work. Inspired action requires us to pay attention and honor the little nudges. We may not always know why we are being pushed in a certain direction, but we do need to trust those nudges and follow where they lead. Knowing what we want is the first step, but knowing alone doesn’t get it done.

You are not designed to micro-manage. When I said above that it is not for us to fret the details, I meant it. Attaching ourselves to specific details is not only a misuse of energy, but the busy-ness of doing so distracts us from our real work in achieving our desires—to notice and act upon those nudges. Let me explain. Let’s say your greatest desire is to find love. Rather than setting your sights on a specific person, it is better to know exactly what you hope to find and direct your focus on that. Wanting someone who is kind, supportive, confident, funny, and faithful will help you draw people like that into your life. The same goes for any goal you have, from housing to a dream job. Focus on the big picture (A light-filled home in a safe neighborhood with plenty of room for friends and family. Work that allows me to use my gifts to connect with others and make the world a gentler place. Enough money to provide for my family’s everyday needs, educate my children, allow us to take wonderful vacations, and to know that I will be able to enjoy a comfortable retirement. You get the idea.) and then take action when you sense you should.

You are constantly expanding. And no, I’m not talking about your backside. Have you noticed that when you get what you desire, you naturally begin desiring something new? That’s not a bad thing—it’s a wonderful thing! You are a creative being, constantly birthing new ideas and dreams. Feed your desires and stoke the fires of your imagination. By doing so, both you and the universe expand.

You are perfection. The true you is divine. My maternal grandmother used to refer to that which is truly us as our “God spark.” I always loved that and could feel the truth of it. We are not our bodies, our jobs, or our stuff. It might be helpful to think of this lifetime as a class or experiment we signed up for. We enter into this human experience by slipping into a costume and then we go about trying different things. Some activities are a great deal of fun while others might be boring or even painful. No matter, our perfect divinity remains. Sometimes, we are acutely aware of our God spark, and those moments are especially precious. Think of how you feel when you are creating something, awed by the beauty of nature and in other people, swept away by emotion, laughing, or making love. In those moments, we are treated to a glimpse of our divine spirit.

Your purpose is simply to be yourself. We know when we are on track and when we’ve gotten lost. When we are in alignment with our true selves—when we are honoring that God spark—we feel good. Despondency, emptiness, and dread are signs we’ve wandered away from who and why we are. Our emotions are wonderful guideposts to keep us true to our divine purpose. Our spirits, minds, and bodies work together to signal us to the people and situations that are meant for us—and those that are not. We need only to heed them.

Your life is a reflection of your beliefs. Bottom line—we create the lives we live. We see what we expect to see and get what our innermost beliefs tell us we will get.

Some years back I headed up a writing group and each week, I offered a topic for group members. One week, the topic was “expectations” and I was both surprised and disheartened to learn how common it is for people to expect the very worst. Many even prided themselves on their decision to set the bar low, their logic being that by expecting nearly nothing, they couldn’t be disappointed. What?! I read entry after entry and shook my head in disbelief. And here’s the thing—the very people who subscribed to this mindset were perpetually dissatisfied. They expected little in the hope of avoiding the discomfort of disappointment and when they got what they expected and planned for—very little—they were understandably unhappy.

When we expect our lives to be filled with love, abundance, beauty, and success—and when we embody those expectations and spread them to others—we find all that goodness flowing right back to us.

You have the answer to every question you will ever have. Yes, every single one. Never deny what you know. Quiet yourself and then listen to and honor the Voice Within. It will never steer you wrong. To quote Taylor Swift, “Like, ever.”






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    Jay Lawson

    I remember your GBE2 topic on expectations, and I too was shocked at the number of people who expected the worst; I think I even told you as much at the time.

    Anyhow, you know I understand and agree with your post, even though sometimes — read: quite often — forget.

    1. Reply


      Yeah, I forget, too. Every time I grumble about something, I’m stepping away from who I am. Yet I do it.

  2. Reply


    Beautifully done. So much truth! Love you!

    1. Reply


      Thank you, Jul! Sending you lots of love. ♥

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    This add a lot to my efforts of having a great Monday. Thank you! I needed these reminders. I am right now in that moment when I realized I got enough of letting things just happen and me doing nothing to change them. Thank you very much. You are a great soul and your positive energy transcends physical distances. I am so happy to had the opportunity of meeting you in this dimension. Thank you again, my friend!

    1. Reply


      I adore you, Vane. You embody kindness and decency. Your boys are very lucky little men. ♥

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    Tammy Minnis

    One time I told a family member, “I think that I’m pretty damn great. I’m not perfect and have a lot to learn but I am silly happy about who I am and where I’m going.” I got the stink eye.

    Ain’t life grand! I wish more people would realize that about themselves. Not to put themselves above anyone else but just to like themselves. Heck, I like most everyone I meet and some I just love love love. Does that make me a nutter? Maybe! But I’m the best damn nutter I know. =P

    1. Reply


      You’re a WONDERFUL nutter!

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