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trust yourself red marker

  She sent me a series of messages. In the first, she asked for an ear and a shoulder, both of which I’d previously offered. “Of course,” I said. “I’m right here.” I knew the basics before she spelled them out. She’s posted publicly about...

48 Heart-Centered Hours

hearts, craft hearts

I’d like to propose a challenge. No, wait. That sounds daunting. Let me try again. I’d like to invite you to join me for two days of pure positivity. Forty-eight little hours of looking for and at only the good stuff. Of ignoring what isn’t beautiful....

Gifts from My Mother

My mom was ill for much of my childhood and died two months before I turned 17. Though she’d tried to prepare me for life without her, her death shattered me into a pile of broken bits. If you’d have asked then, I’d have said there’d be no putting me back together. In the days immediately following her transition, I looked at my life and saw only what wasn’t....